About our Dinosaur Cards

CustomCards.biz is based on an original idea by James Whiting. Below are details of all the images used in our free Dinosaur E-cards.

The following images were obtained from Gifs.net.

An animated walking dinosaur An animated dinosaur biting aggressively An animated green dinosaur An animated green dinosaur looking from side to side An animated green dinosaur running A cartoon-style green dinosaur running A funny green dinosaur walking A dinosaur playing basketball A dinosaur with huge fangs A dinosaur blowing out a candle on a birthday cake A purple dinosaur wearing a party hat A blue tyrannosaurus rex walking A purple dinosaur boxing An animated boxing dinosaur An animated brontosaurus A big dinosaur chasing a little one A dinosaur with a Christmas hat and a bag of presents A brightly-coloured dinosaur with blue spots A dinosaur holding a tree A dinosaur eating A dinosaur dancing A dancing dinosaur A dinosaur with a bunch of flowers A dinosaur wearing a waistcoat A dinosaur eating a cake An animated dinosaur with big horns A dinosaur playing rock music A dinosaur running A dinosaur drinking A dinosaur drinking from a pond An elegant lady dinosaur in a coat and handbag A running dinosaur A dinosaur walking A pink dinosaur A dinosaur egg hatching A baby dinosaur riding on its mum A ‘hip’ dinosaur A dinosaur with a knife and fork A dinosaur birthday party A dinosaur with a flower A dinosaur professor wearing glasses and a bow tie A flying pterodactyl A pterodactyl flying A raptor running A raptor walking A roller-skating dinosaur A dinosaur skeleton collapsing A tyrannosaurus rex moving A moving tyrannosaurus rex skeleton A running tyrannosaurus rex A walking triceratops A yellow-green dinosaur walking

All of the images below were obtained from the Open Clip Art Library and are in the public domain.

A blue cartoon-dinosaur A big brown dinosaur A green dinosaur with its head raised A huge green dinosaur eating grass A stegosaurus A black and white dinosaur A dinosaur eating A dinosaur running A pterodactyl in flight A grey-brown stegosaurus A grey dinosaur with big horns A green dinosaur A shouting dinosaur An aquatic dinosaur swimming A brown dinosaur badge A brontosaurus skeleton A cartoony dinosaur head A dinosaur in front of rocks A dinosaur footprint A line-drawing of a brontosaurus A line drawing of a stegosaurus A tall brown dinosaur A walking dinosaur A dinosaur skeleton A purple cartoon tyrannosaurus rex A dinosaur playing basketball A side-view of a dinosaur A friendly-looking dinosaur A dinosaur postage stamp A crude dinosaur picture A brontosaurus A dinosaur skeleton A stegosaurus with spikes on its tail A stegosaurus with some eggs A stegosaurus skeleton A cartoon brontosaurus A blue plesiosaur A cartoon pterodactyl A cartoon triceratops A cartoon tyrannosaurus A dinosaur shield A simple cartoon dinosaur A green dinosaur

These images below are all from WP Clipart, and are in the public domain.

Pterodactyl gliding A dinosaur running A velociraptor running A dinosaur eating A tyranosaurus rex A tylosaurus eating another animal A triceratops outline A triceratops and vegetation Two triceratops A cartoon triceratops A pterodactyl in flight A T-rex standing A tyranosaurus eating a fish A greyish-blue tyranosaurus rex The skull of a spinosaurus A flying rhamphorhynchus A quetzalcoatlus A pteranodon Two nanyangosaurus Two nanshiungosaurus A monoclonius dinosaur A minmi paravertebra dinosaur Two megalosaurus Two lesothosauruses running A pink lambeosaurus An irritator dinosaur A hadrosaurus standing upright A giganotosaurus A gastonia dinosaur A flying dinosaur An edmontonia dinosaur A running green dinosaur A brontosaurus A T-rex running towards us A ceratopsian dinosaur A brontosaurus with its head raised A brontosaurus skeleton A brachiosaurus skeleton and outline Three aucasaurus An ampelosaurus A triceratops

Finally, our favicon Dinosaur favicon is courtesy of Irl2 and Favicon.cc.

I’m very grateful to all the people who have made their images available – this website would not have been possible without their generosity.

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